GSSI Updated BridgeScan GPR System

Gssi Bridge Scan
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The BridgeScan flexible GPR system is designed for assessing concrete condition on bridge decks, parking structures and balconies. 

  • Quick, easy identification of rebar location and depth and can be used to measure slab thickness and for void detection and location
  • Uses a non-destructive method of evaluating bridge deck thickness, obtaining thickness measurements in minutes
  • Map and locate underground infrastructure by pinpointing the depth and position of metallic and non-metallic pipes in real time
  • Automatically accommodates bridge skew angle
  • SIR 4000 data acquisition system incorporates advanced signal processing and display capability for ‘in-the-field’ 3D imaging, an enhanced 10.4-in. LED display and on-screen post-processing
  • Self-contained cart-based design with a 1,600 MHz antenna, survey cart with encoder wheel, 2-meter control cable and two batteries with charger, as well as a custom transit case for the control unit, AC adapter and sunshade
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