Rapid Roof Remover

The Rapid Roof Remover from JKN Enterprises is an American-made, lightweight, patented, pneumatic tool with a 30-in. heat-treated tear-off blade that is capable of removing a square of multi-layered shingles and fasteners in three to five minutes.

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The Rapid Roof Remover from JKN Enterprises is a lightweight pneumatic tool that serves two very different markets for the rental industry. It's capable of removing multiple (up to five) layers of roofing with fasteners in a single pass and also efficiently removes flooring material.

  • Variety of blades available; comes standard with toothed 30-in. blade
  • 18-in. toothed blade is available for removing roofing where excessive weight has caused sway between the trusses, or for flooring removal in restricted areas such as pantry or half bath
  • 4-in. beveled blade is available for removal of hardwood glued to concrete
  • Blade is adjustable to various roof pitches
  • Can be rented, along with a compressor, for roofing removal one day and flooring removal the next 

[VIDEO] Rapid Roof Remover In Action


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