Rebar Subcontractor Talks About The Innovative Mindset & Rebar Tying Robot

Barb Sheedy, president and CEO of MKE Iron Erectors, talks about the company's use of the TyBOT rebar tying machine from Advanced Construction Robotics.

Barb Sheedy MBA, president and CEO of MKE Iron Erectors Inc. speaks to editor Jonathan Kozlowski about its use of the rebar tying robot, the TyBOT, from Advanced Construction Robotics. 

MKE is a full-service rebar subcontractor for division 3 and 5 construction projects. Their experienced team of professionals safely build the roads, bridges, erect steel, lift precast girders, and efficiently install reinforcing steel for all foundations, supports, and decks. Their skilled union ironworkers and LEAN thinking team understands how to perform precast concrete and metal work using the best practices designed to save time, money, and stress. 

The TyBot autonomous rebar tying robot is construction’s most advanced rebar installation equipment. With autonomous navigation of the working area with no pre-mapping, programming or calibration required, it is working on the jobsite within an hour of arrival and continuously identifies and ties up to 1,100 rebar intersections per hour. Operating day or night, rain or shine, it dramatically enhances workforce productivity, reduces schedule risk and increases capacity to perform more work while keeping crews safer. It is available as a leased option staffed with a trained and dedicated quality control technician.

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