Product Spotlight: Screeds March 2007

Screeds come in many shapes and sizes. Choose one that best fits your company for efficiency and great slabs.

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RS-15 Rapid Screed

  • Weight of 1.5-hp, four-cycle Honda engine is carried by the screed board, minimizing operator fatigue and vibration
  • Enclosed bearing and power transfer systems, coupled with no-lube shaft and bearings is virtually maintenance-free
  • Adjustable, offset handlebars for ease of operation and balanced maneuverability
  • "Set it and forget it" throttle system


Ingersoll Rand

Spin Screed Power Roller

  • Powered by a heavy-duty right angle electric drill
  • 4-in.-diameter pipe up to 22 ft. long spins opposite the direction being advanced, evening out high and low spots
  • Leaves aggregate immediately below surface


Spin Screed


  • Self-propelled roller screed
  • Sectional truss frame and several strike tube lengths that enable it to strike off panels ranging from 12 to 50 ft.
  • Powered by a removable hydraulic power unit and driven by a 28-hp Vanguard diesel engine
  • Wrap-around steel frame with lifting points


Multiquip, Inc.

Silver Beauty Power Screed

  • Enclosed eccentric and an equilateral triangle bar
  • Handles bars from 3 to 12 ft.
  • Weighs 23 lbs.
  • Unrestricted throttle control
  • Bars guaranteed straight for one year or will be replaced


Advanced Concrete Tools

Screed King

  • Adjustable handlebars with quick-release lever
  • Double dampering system reduces vibration, minimizes operator fatigue
  • Power head at 10° angle for strong vibration transfer to the concrete
  • No tools required to remove the MAGFLO board
  • "Set and Forget" throttle


Crown Construction Equipment

Vibratory Truss Screeds

  • 12 models
  • Lightweight aluminum for industrial, commercial and residential pours
  • Heavy-duty steel for high-tolerance concrete floors
  • Super heavy-duty paving style for large paving projects


Allen Engineering Corp.

Terex Screeds

  • High-frequency vibrations distribute evenly across the screed
  • Spans up to 45 ft. (standard) or 70 ft. (super)
  • 12,000 vibrations per minute


Terex Light Construction

Speed Screed Solo

  • One- or two-handle models
  • Redesigned to incorporate lower weight, reduced handle vibration and multiple finishing attachments
  • New series 4-stroke Honda engine
  • Available in widths up to 12 in. with one unit or up to 16 in. with two combined units


Metal Forms Corp.

VibraStrike II

  • One-piece design of the two-in-one float eliminates more than 60 nuts, bolts, studs, washers, tensioning rods and brackets for improved overall functionality
  • Unique geometric shape of the float allows use as both a float and curl edge when screeding from the top of forms


Lindley Inc.

Wet Screed

  • Blade lengths from 4 to 16 ft.; 4.8- or 6.5-in. widths
  • Adjustable eccentric weights
  • Fully enclosed exciter can be adjusted to seven different positions
  • Adjustable, folding squeeze grip handle


Wacker Corp.

CopperHead XD 2.0

  • Uses laser leveling technology to cut to grade, screed flat and vibrate smooth in one pass
  • Sets grade automatically
  • 13-hp Robin engine, electric start
  • Ideal for slabs on grade, post-tensioned slabs and difficult applications such as chaired rebar, lower slump and poor subgrades


Somero Enterprises, Inc.

Multivibe Cordless Hummer Screed

  • Place up to 1,500 sq. ft. of concrete with one battery
  • Serves as a heavy-duty hammer drill, concrete vibrator and power screed
  • Lighter than engine-powered units
  • Requires no starting (just pull the trigger) and offers quiet operation with no fumes


Jlin Corp.