Concrete Screed Maintenance Checklist

Regular maintenance will help keep your concrete screed working as it should. As one of the vital steps in concreting, making sure your screed is in top shape before (and after) work can help ensure the concrete is level and flat as needed.

Concrete Screed Maintenance Checklist (1)

A successful concrete job relies on the health of your machine. That is why performing daily preventative maintenance checks helps ensure uptime and smooth operation.

Concrete Contractor has created an essential document that offers the best practices and recommendations on how to achieve the long-term health of the machine — outlining the steps contractors should take during a concrete screed maintenance check.

Here are the main reasons to complete a daily screed walkaround:

  1. Routine maintenance decreases downtime by allowing operators to see where equipment needs lubrication or adjustment.
  2. Routine maintenance allows for the increased lifespan of a concrete screed by alleviating extenuating strain on the machine.
  3. Routine maintenance prevents major machine failure on a job — allowing for companies to operate smoothly and on-schedule.

By downloading the printable Concrete Screed Maintenance Checklist, you’ll have access to valuable insight and the materials you need while on the job.