Redesigned Ligchine Website Focuses on Improved Customer Experience

The updated website provides real-time updates on trends in the concrete screeding industry and access to the latest information on Ligchine.

Ligchine Name Logo
Ligchine Logo 2019

Ligchine, a manufacturer of laser and 3D GPS/LPS guided concrete screeds, recently launched a newly redesigned website providing real-time updated information on the full-line of Ligchine boom operated and drive-in concrete screeds, with an easily navigable layout to improve the customer experience. 

The website keeps visitors up-to-date on the trends in the concrete screeding industry and provides access to the latest information on Ligchine with blogs and articles housed on the Ligchine "news" tab. The site also provides access to Ligchine’s customer support network and the ability to make payments, request a quote or schedule a demo.

“As the pace of innovation accelerates at Ligchine, it is important that we are able to effectively communicate our advancements to our customers and the industry,” says David Ring, Ligchine CEO. “Our new website was designed to do just that. 

"In addition, we want our site to be a valuable resource for our current customers, and we worked to make our customer experience online as direct and easy to use as our concrete screeds are in the field," he adds. "We are committed to providing exceptional support to our customers, and we will continue to develop our online presence and tools as one way we deliver on that commitment.” 

The company also unveiled an updated logo.