Bartell Morrison Acquires Innovatech Products and Equipment Company

Acquisition of surface removal equipment company will help expand Bartell Morrison's global footprint


Bartell Morrison Inc. today announces it has purchased Innovatech Products and Equpment Company, a supplier of surface removal equipment with a full range of floor removal equipment, a complete line of grinding and polishing equipment and tooling. Innovatech has been designing, developing and manufacturing surface preparation equipment for over 20 years.

"The Innovatech acquisition significantly complements Bartell's recent acquisition of the SPE Group of Companies," said John Locke, president of Bartell Morrison Inc. "The surface removal and preparation product lines will be marketed globally."

"The addition of Innovatech significantly enhances Bartell's global footprint. With manufacturing, assembly and warehouse facilities now positioned in Canada, on the east and west coast of the USA and Europe we are now positioned to better deliver the high quality products and service our customers have become accustomed to and Bartell is committed to delivering," said Richard Stanley, EVP and COO of Bartell Morrison Inc.