MBW GPR65, 68 & 77 Reversible Vibratory Plates

According to the company, it is the only mechanical shifting reversible vibratory plate line on the market.

Gpr68 Mar19
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The small reversible plates were designed not only for narrow trenches and confined areas but also with reliable shifting in mind. Key benefits include lower cost, lower maintenance and the ability to shift travel direction at constant speeds. During endurance testing, the heavy-duty mechanical shifting mechanism was terminated at 400,000 shifts without system failure.

At under 370 pounds, both the GPR65 and GPR68 have travel speeds up to 92 ft/min in good conditions with amplitudes of .072 and .071. These plates have proven to move with ease over irregular lift surfaces. The GPR77 comes in just under 400 pounds and produces amplitude of .066 inches with travel speed up to 86 ft/min. It is designed to handle all types of granular soils.

  • Plate sizes of 15”, 18” and 22”
  • Honda GX160 and Honda GX270 engines
  • Generate 6,000 (GPR65, GPR68) and 7,775 lbs. of centrifugal force
  • Compact lifts up to 22 in.