The Edge - A Compact and Transportable Floor Grinder / Polisher

The Edge Floor Grinder/Polisher
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A compact and powerful transportable floor grinder/polisher that is also a complement to any large planetary or rotary drive floor machine. The EDGE gets to less than 1/8” of the wall, eliminating the need to hand grind edges when prepping & polishing concrete, stone and terrazzo.

  • Edge to within 1/8” (3mm) of the wall
  • Safely removes thinset, VCT glue, carpet glue, epoxy, paint, levels and preps uneven floors
  • Disassembles into 3 components for easy transport
  • Available in 220V or 110V models
  • Features dustless grinding and sanding when attached to appropriate HEPA vacuum system

The Edge Floor Grinder/PolisherWerkMaster

 Tech Specs

Footprint in. (cm)14 (35.6)14 (35.6)
Disc Size: in. (cm)5 (12,7)5 (12.7)
Weight: lbs. (Kg)202 (91)212 (96)
Variable Frequency Drive400-1,000 RPM400-1,000 RPM
Voltage110V Singe Phase220V Single Phase
Breaker Size15 AMP20 AMP
Vacuum Req200 CFM200 CFM
Minimum Generator2.0+ kW4.25+ kW


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