Technology & Services Concrete October 2009

Concrete technology to enhance your concrete business.

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BUILD2WIN Field Tracking


The BUILD2WIN field tracking software from BID2WIN Software Inc. uses baseline information seamlessly transferred from BID2WIN Estimating and Bidding, and allows tracking of actual production quantities, labor hours, equipment usage, material quantities, subcontractor work and trucking against estimated values.

  • Browser-based
  • Real-time data transfer back to the office
  • Streamlined daily time and production entry
  • Automatic error-checking
  • Customizable reports
  • Seamless transfer to accounting
  • Enterprise-class


Bid2Win Software

ConcreteCalc Pro


Concrete Calc Pro is an advanced yard, feet-inch-fraction concrete construction-math calculator. It can help reduce material waste, improve design accuracy, prevent re-work and cut estimating time in the field or in the office. Fast, accurate metric and imperial solutions for square-ups, loads, area, volume, rebar, drop and stairs. ConcreteCalc Pro features area, volume and loads calculations; circular solutions for area, arc, circumference, columns and cones; and linear feet and weight for rebar.


Calculated Industries Inc.

Elcometer 331 Concrete Covermeter


  • Locate and determine the orientation, the size and the depth of rebar
  • Check for potential corrosion of rebar
  • Built-in memory holds up to 240,000 readings
  • Interchangeable Search Heads and Half-Cell kits
  • Robust and user-friendly CoverMaster software for efficient data management



GCS900 Grade Control System v 11


The GCS900 Grade Control System version 11 can enable higher machine utilization through expanded machine mix and configurations.

  • Expanded machine mix and system configurations include new system options for excavators, support for towed scrapers and enhancements for dozers and motor graders
  • Single GPS option for exacators or SPSx30 Universal Total Station allows operation in areas with limited or no GPS coverage
  • Allows dynamic blade rotation for dozers and dynamic blade roll for dozers and graders
  • Enables raising and lowering of bowl on towed scrapers
  • Features a single control box interface for all configurations and enhanced in-cab software in 26 languages


Trimble Navigation Limited

Jobclock system


This rugged, weather-proof and tamper-proof, battery-powered timeclock system is designed exclusively for the construction trades.

  • Color-coded red and green keytabs for clocking in and out
  • Additional keytabs allow tracking of travel and other activity
  • Attendance records can be collected with a Palm Pilot, then downloaded to a PC in the office for easy review
  • Stores up to 10,000 records


Exaktime, Inc.

Mini R-Meter


  • Hand-held field instrument for finding the location, depth and size of reinforcement rebar, post tension, copper and conduit in place
  • Locates rebar up to 8 inches, or 200 mm
  • Features include an eddy current sensor design for greater accuracy, a single sensor for all depth ranges, daylight visible-display, four-hour battery life and built-in memory for plotting data points


James Instruments, Inc.

MMP-X Direct Drive Anode


Matcor's MMP-X Direct Drive Anode is designed to overcome the obstacles of installing cathodic protection systems in wet, marshy grounds. This prepackaged mixed metal oxide anode is designed with a unique driving cone and driving assembly for driving into soft soil, mud or sand to depths of 30 ft. or more without the need for drilling equipment. The MMP-X Direct Drive Anode is available in five standard canister lengths with other sizes available up to 20 ft. in length. Standard lead cable is 10 ft. of AWG No. 8 HMWPE. Custom lengths and cable types are available.



QuestMX 8.6


QuestMX 8.6 is a complete takeoff and estimating solution featuring Estimator, Digital Takeoff, and Earthwork all in one seamless system. It also has capabilities to change order tracking, purchase order management, and proposal manipulation.


Maxwell Systems, Inc.

Tool Tracking Manager


The Tool Tracking Manager is a low-cost tool manager based on bar code technology.

  • Provides an accurate and efficient method of tracking or counting items
  • Designed to reduce tool loss and save time tracking down tools for jobs
  • Offers simplicity and adaptability to the application


Dynamic Systems Inc.