ACPA Announces Guide for Pavements Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

Publication attempts simplify LCCA in local road, highway and airport pavements.

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The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) is pleased to announce the availability of its “Life-Cycle Cost Analysis: A Tool for Better Pavement Investment and Engineering Decisions” (EB011).

This 128-page publication represents a true departure from previous resources, which typically provided overly-complicated, often tedious details about life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) in pavement selection/specification processes.

The publication begins by discussing LCCA in general terms and then, providing detailed, input-focused steps for conducting a single-project LCCA. Real world examples with detailed analyses are provided for LCCAs of a local road, highway, and airport pavement.

This resource is an essential guide for planning and procurement personnel in federal, state, municipal and county agencies, including Metropolitan Planning Organizations and comparable entities.   It also is an important resource for contractors, consultants, and others who have an interest in enhancing investment and engineering practices and even specific processes, i.e., design, construction, and repair.

High-quality photographs, detailed charts, and essential tabular information add even greater interest to the LCCA discussion, while also guiding the reader through practical, comprehensive information about LCCA and related topics.

The publication also details various applications and extensions of life-cycle cost analysis.   One such example is the “mix of fixes” concept (a practical, hierarchical approach to looking at network-level service life and performing economic analyses).

The latest information about sustainability in the context of an LCCA, the role of LCCA in pavement type selection, the impact of material quantity specifications on LCCA results, and total ownership cost also are discussed in this resource.   The appendices include a deterministic LCCA worksheet; a discussion on historic oil price trends and volatility; and all current federal policies on pavement type selection.

The publication is available through ACPA’s online bookstore at, or alternatively, by contacting Debbie Becker at 847-423-8710 (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central); by fax at 847-966-9970 (24/7); or by email to

The price of the publication is $25.00 for ACPA members in good standing; $100 for non-members. The publication is available in either commercially printed, perfect bound (square back) format or electronically as a PDF. (An Adobe Acrobat Reader or comparable program is required.) Additional shipping & handling charges apply and will be determined based on quantity and location of the recipients.