Tilt-Up Concrete Association Announces Inaugural Class of TCA College of Fellows

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) College of Fellows, established in 2016, honors the rich tradition
 of service to the Association on 
behalf of the industry.

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The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) – an international nonprofit organization that serves to expand and improve the use of tilt-up as the preferred building system – has announced the inaugural class of the TCA College of Fellows. Honorees were recently installed during the Tilt-Up Awards Gala at the International Tilt-Up Convention and Expo in Denver, Colo.

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) College of Fellows, established in 2016, honors the rich tradition 
of service to the Association on 
behalf of the industry. The College of Fellows cultivates awareness for the community of professionals dedicated to the mission of the Association, and elevates the service of its members to the entire industry. Fellows establish this service through their organization’s commitment to membership and participation and are elected to fellowship by a jury of their peers.

"It was an honor to introduce this inaugural class,” says Jeffrey Brown, past president of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association. “The Association is a long established organization which garners a great deal of respect from affiliate partners and the fellowship program is a way to pass that recognition on to our most esteemed individual members."

Fellowship is one of the highest honors the TCA can bestow upon an individual. Elevation to Fellowship not only recognizes professional achievement but also significant contributions to the industry and the Association.

The inaugural class of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association College of Fellows:

Clay Fischer, FTCA

Woodland Tilt-Up | Jupiter, Fla.

Clay Fisher demonstrates that award-winning tilt-up experience and strong leadership can impact an industry. A tilt-up contractor since 1988, he served the TCA board for 10 years, including president, and helped bring about a full annual convention and a greater sharing network. Clay’s willingness to share ideas best describes his impact, his experience and knowledge helped demonstrate that a greater good could be served among these members regardless of the lines of competition. Clay established true leadership by example and has maintained an open-door policy to host those new to tilt-up who want to see how a successful contractor operates.

Robert Foley, FTCA

The Foley Group, L.L.C. | Dayton, Ohio

A founder of the TCA and engineer in the industry since 1974, Bob Foley has maintained a consistent influence on the Association throughout his career. Bob is a former board member and president and past recipient of the Peter Courtois Award. His impact is perhaps best described by the consistent volunteering of time and knowledge to spread tilt-up to new markets. Unwavering enthusiasm and confidence for tilt-up has energized many new companies and helped them find the impact of the TCA. His selflessness and expertise combined with this enthusiasm is a legacy that continues to build even to this day.


Shawn Hickey, FTCA

SiteCast Construction Corp. | Ottawa, Ontario - Canada

Shawn Hickey, a tilt-up expert, educator, facilitator, trainer, TCA board member and president, a “Most Influential People in Concrete,” a coveted Murray Parker award recipient, and a leader with passion, experience and commitment in tilt-up built over nearly thirty years. His leadership has been received throughout the U.S., Canada, and as far away as the Middle-East. Shawn’s vision for tilt-up certification and a commitment to safety training are two of his largest contributions to the image of the TCA today and to the entire industry.


Dave Kelly, FTCA

David L Kelly Consulting Engineer | Sacramento, Calif.

Dave Kelly was named a Peter Courtois award recipient after serving as president and serving on the board of directors for 20 years. His leadership has elevated the TCA Bracing Guidelines to an industry standard and his engineering predating the Association remains the standard for much of the industry growth toward the tallest and largest panels in history. Over many years he contributed countless presentations and participated tirelessly as an information resource for technical inquiries from the industry. Tilt-up research, marketing and engineering today remain marked with a Kelly stamp.


Ed Sauter, FTCA

Tilt-Up Concrete Association | Mount Vernon, Iowa

Ed Sauter is synonymous with the Tilt-Up Concrete Association. Serving on
the TCA board while CEO for an associate member, his passion for tilt-up was established and he cemented relationships with many peers. His architectural background provided the foundation for serving a strong technical role. In
1992, Ed was approached by the board to serve as interim manager for the association’s affairs. He took the challenge and launched the development toward a powerful association. During his leadership the TCA added a magazine, obtained and created many technical resources, began delivering national and international annual events and grew a strong technical support network and staff.


Joe Steinbicker, FTCA

Steinbicker & Co., LLC | Lake Mary, Fla.

Joe Steinbicker, a consummate practicing professional and a sterling example of TCA industry leadership. Serving as board member and technical liaison to the Association and maintaining a constant voting participation in ACI, Joe has contributed countless hours and information that continues to shape
the Association. His career involvement with tilt-up has spanned nearly 40 years where he has maintained constant TCA involvement for numerous presentations, technical positions and guidance. His recent efforts have included the production of a unified approach to tilt-up engineering and new direction for standards to bracing as well as revolutionary industry software.


Glen Stephens, FTCA

SAA Architecture LLC | Laurel, Md.

Glen Stephens became deeply involved in the TCA during an important stretch in Association history, broadening the recognition of architectural style and application to new markets. Glen served as board member and president where his leadership for membership growth and passion for reaching his architectural peers had great impact on the association. His firm, established in 1976, has maintained the use of tilt-up as a primary vehicle for delivery and expression and this passion led him to focus the TCA on growing a more robust and comprehensive awards program as well as the creation of the tilt-up “trilogy” – the set of manuals developed for contractors, engineers, and architects.


Bob Truitt, FTCA

Don DeCristo / Universal Products | Huntington Beach, Calif.

Bob Truitt set a pace for participation in the TCA that challenges many still today. Bob lived for tilt-up and was a strong presence on job sites for advice, analysis, training and technical support. His thorough documentation and encounter experience helped educate tilt-up contractors for decades. Bob served nineteen consecutive years as a TCA board member and as secretary for the entire duration. His minutes document the association during an important period of maturation and growth and his participation as a leading technical voice and advocate strengthened the services the TCA could offer its growing network of members.