Metabo Not Affected by the Hitachi Brand Name Change to Metabo HPT

Hitachi Power Tools announces name change to Metabo HPT.


On March 12th, 2018, Metabo’s sister company Hitachi Koki USA., Ltd. announced that they will be changing their name in North America from “Hitachi Power Tools” to “Metabo HPT”. This change reflects the new partnership with KKR. This does not affect the original Metabo brand at all.

The original Metabo brand is well known as a supplier of professional tools for industry and craftsmen. Metabo is famous in the US market for its range of outstanding angle grinders which are recognized as the industry’s best in terms of power, productivity, durability, quality and safety. They’re also a worldwide leader in battery technology with the LiHD platform. The Metabo brand will continue to focus on Industrial Metalworking, Building Trade and Renovation, MRO, Concrete finishing, welding supply markets and does not sell its products through the home centers. Sales forces and marketing initiatives will be kept separate, as will the company headquarter in West Chester, Pa..

“The Metabo Industrial brand will continue retain to its strategy and the focus on professional users and trade partners. We will continue to come up with innovations like our new LiHD battery pack with 8.0 Amp-Hour capacity and a power of 1,400 Watt (12 Amp corded equivalent). That’s a new world record for 18-volt batteries with 10 cells,” says Joseph S. Smith, President and CEO at Metabo US.