Doka Falpro: The Mobile Fall Protection Anchor Point

While at CONEXPO 2020, Doka announces a new mobile personal fall-arrest system, The Falpro.

Doka Falpro
Doka Falpro
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Doka – a world leader in formwork technology – announces a new mobile personal fall-arrest system, The Falpro - Mobile Fall Protection Anchor V1. Current safety regulations in slab-formwork construction only conditionally satisfy the requirements of health, safety and ergonomics. The Falpro - Mobile Fall Protection Anchor V1 with its unique engineered anchoring design, closes this safety gap. It is a device specifically designed for the overhead anchorage of ANSI approved PPE fall arresters with a maximum cable length of up to 29.5 feet.  

Falpro allows contractors to work safely at the drop-off edge without trip hazards because the anchor point is always above head height. In its default position, the anchor point is 7.7 feet above the installation surface. On flat surfaces with an angle less than 5 percent, the design of the device allows the operator to individually determine the position of their anchor.

The attachment of approved loading straps or 4-rod harness for relocation with a crane is made possible by the four foldable lashing rings on the base plate. The safety concept consists of an exclusive geometrical formed device, the automatic activation of the safety device and the base plate equipped with anti-slip mats.

Product Features:

  • Unrestricted freedom of movement with 360-degree fall protection and a working radius of 30 ft.
  • Immediately ready, no anchoring to the structure, no planning, no addition of counterweights, no installation work or costs for anchoring, no effects on the structure
  • Horizontal repositioning is an easy job for one person and a pallet jack

Technical Facts:

  • Diameter: 7’-5” (2.25 m)
  • Height: 7’-9” (2.35 m)
  • Weight: 1045 lbs (475 kg)