ACI Announces Middle East Fellowship Recipient

ACI has named the recipient of the Middle East Fellowship for the 2020-2021 award year.

ACI Fellowship Recipient
Siham Al Shanti
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The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has named the recipient of the Middle East Fellowship for the 2020-21 award year.

Siham Al Shanti is a graduate research assistant in the civil engineering department at the United Arab Emirates University. Her working thesis titled “Reuse of Sewage Sludge Ash in Producing Self Compacted Concrete,’’ aims to mitigate the negative impact of sewage sludge ash by incorporating them in the production of a sustainable self-compacted concrete.

In addition to her research, Al Shanti is an active member of the ACI UAE Chapter in Dubai, and is a founding member of the ACI United Arab Emirates University student chapter.

Funded by the American Concrete Institute and administered by the ACI Foundation, the Middle East Fellowship is open to graduate students attending a university in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or the United Arab Emirates. The winning student receives $10,000 USD in educational support, full funding to attend two upcoming ACI Conventions, and more.

The fellowship was awarded for the first time in 2019 and fulfills ACI’s comprehensive plan to increase knowledge-sharing in the Gulf region. Applications for the 2021-2022 academic year will open in summer 2020.