New Texas DOT Rule Allows for Concrete Automation

Spec update enables GCP Applied Technologies' VERIFI in-transit concrete management system to provide breakthrough automation to TxDOT projects, advancing efficiency.

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As a result of a new Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Special Provision Specification, GCP Applied Technologies, a global producer of construction products technologies, is providing its VERIFI in-transit concrete management system to TxDOT highway and bridge projects.

The Texas spec states that truck mixers with automated water and chemical admixture measurement and slump flow monitoring equipment meet the requirement for ASTM C94. This means that the VERIFI system can be used to adjust the slump of the concrete in transit with water and chemical admixtures.

The VERIFI in-transit concrete management system, which automatically adds water and admixture within pre-set limits to achieve and maintain the ordered slump. The system provides automated process monitoring and control during transit from the ready-mix concrete plant to the jobsite by using sensors installed on concrete mixer trucks to monitor, measure, and manage concrete properties in transit.

The system allows for a new level of concrete quality control and improved product consistency from one truck to the next, increasing jobsite efficiency and minimizing costly project delays. In addition, the technology offers several environmental benefits, including the potential for waste reduction, less cement usage, as well as increased fuel efficiency.

ARGOS USA’s Director of Technical Services Ready Mix Kirk Deadrick noted, “The VERIFI in-transit concrete management system gives ARGOS the ability to manage our concrete from the plant to the jobsite, which delivers the quality that TxDOT and other contractors, engineers, and owners demand."

GCP's VERIFIVERIFI constantly measures and adjusts the slump and monitors the water content of concrete as it travels from the plant to the jobsite.GCP

As a producer of concrete admixtures such as ADVA high-range water reducers, GCP has a long history of working closely with ready mix producers to find solutions to complex challenges. The firm’s VERIFI  system complements its highly regarded chemical admixtures portfolio. 

“TxDOT is leading the way by embracing innovation,” says Vice President and General Manager of GCP Applied Technologies’ Specialty Construction Chemicals division Pung Chan. “By delivering automated concrete technology, our VERIFI in-transit concrete management system can now be used on TxDOT projects. The ability to make in-transit water or admixture additions will ensure the concrete arrives in spec, shaving off priceless minutes of delivery time and reducing the number of rejected concrete batches. The system constantly measures and adjusts the slump, and monitors the water content of concrete as it travels from the plant to the jobsite. Other departments of transportation in Illinois, Florida, and Missouri have made similar spec changes. It may be a small change in the spec, but it is a huge opportunity to improve efficiency.”