Watson Bowman Acme Introduces QuakeWall Seismic Wall Panel

Unique design enhances safety during seismic events while the ease of installation saves time for contractors


The Wabo QuakeWall, a high performance exterior/interior vertical wall expansion system joint capable of accommodating large, multi-directional thermal and seismic displacements.  

  • Constant force springs allow the panel to hug the structure, even during significant seismic events, enhancing safety of building occupants
  • Its patented slide/rider system smoothly guides the panel up and out of the blockout, with the rider’s soft rubber roller preventing damage to the existing structure façade
  • The spring hold-down system eliminates the need for extraneous cabling, and the safety issues and closing force variability associated with magnets
  • There’s no need to reset the joint after an extreme event; springs pull the panel back to the structure and shear rods lock the panel in place
  • QuakeWall is also easy to install and its low height, open rectangular bed design allows for the quick application of matching wall façade materials, saving time for contractors
  • Recommended for installation with interior/exterior wall joints requiring large movement capabilities for severe conditions, Wabo QuakeWall is an ideal product for use in all manner of building construction, including health care, transportation, recreation, retail, commercial, educational and parking garages 


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