Husqvarna K 770 Power Cutter

Heavy-duty cutting, impressively durable design, easy starts and comfortable handling – all in one easy-to-handle package, guaranteeing efficiency and increased performance.

Husqvarna K 770 Product
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When it comes to productivity, Husqvarna K 770 plays in its own league thanks to the high power-to-weight ratio. The exclusive design increases the exactness and the force of the cut, while the low weight and the vibration-damped chassis ensure comfortable handling during long, productive work shifts. The spring-loaded, semi-automatic SmartTension technology makes it easy to ensure that the drive belt is always kept in the correct tension, ensuring optimal power transmission as well as maximum life of the belt. And thanks to the new heavy-duty cutting arm with three-bolt joint, longevity and durability is guaranteed in all conditions.

Technical Specification:

  • Displacement, cu. in. (cc) -- 4.48 (74)
  • Engine power, hp (kW) -- 5 (3.7)
  • Blade diameter, in. (mm) -- 12/14 (300/350)
  • Max cutting depth, in. (mm)  -- 4/5 (100/125)
  • Weight, excl. fuel & blade, lbs. (kg)  --  22 (10)

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