W. R. Meadows PENTREAT 244-40 Water Repellant Penetrating Sealer

Help resist water and salt penetration in concrete and masonry.

Pentreat 244 40
Wrmeadowsinc 10075160

One of the leading causes of scaling, spalling, and freeze-thaw damage on concrete and masonry structures is unwanted water and salt penetration. PENTREAT 244-40 water repellant penetrating sealer offers 40% active content silane to help reduce water and chloride ion infiltration.

  • This high performance, breathable, penetrating sealer is designed for use on horizontal and vertical, new and existing, concrete and masonry above-grade surfaces.
  • PENTREAT 244-40 is ideal for use on parking structures, driveways, plazas, stadiums, bridge decks, piers, ramps and many other residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal project locations.
  • PENTREAT 244-40 chemically bonds to the substrate, reducing liquid absorption while allowing vapor transmission.
  • In addition to being a superior water repellant sealer, PENTREAT 244-40 can help extend the life of treated surfaces while keeping the substrate cleaner.
  • For areas with strict VOC regulations, PENTREAT 244-40 OTC is available.
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