Durex Vibraspan Screen Media

Vibraspan screen media from Durex Products, Inc. offers long life and high production.

Durex Products Vibraspan® Screen Media
Durex Products Vibraspan® Screen Media

Vibraspan® screen media from Durex Products, Inc., based in Luck, Wisconsin, combines the best attributes of tensioned screen panels and longitudinal slots for more open area without sacrificing control of product size. Available in long-slot-triple or five-shoot wire cloth, for end-tensioned or side-tensioned applications, Vibraspan adds crimping to the longitudinal principal, which provides strength, as well as elasticity. The crimps work like springs that allow the wires to hold their tension longer. Increased vibration due to the longer slot length decreases blinding and increases production. Vibraspan is built to match each screen box’s bucker bars precisely, for maximum screen life and open area. 

Durex Products Inc. has offered the company’s premium wire and polyurethane screen media technologies since 1965 — including its Urethane Modular Screen Panels, Livewire® Armor®, and Accuslot® products.

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