Hilti Grew the Nuron Tool Line-up, World of Concrete 2024

Hilti launched its latest cordless innovations at World of Concrete 2024 - from wood cutting to a concrete finishing grinder.

The SC 6WP-22 Plunge saw
The SC 6WP-22 Plunge saw
Hilti Inc.

Hilti North America continued to add to its 22V Nuron battery platform with new cordless innovations within its wood-cutting portfolio, demolition wearables, a concrete finishing grinder, impact wrench, hammer, and drill driver. The latest announcements were made available to the public during World of Concrete 2024.

As Hilti states, "the Nuron platform tackles all kinds of jobs." The company adds that contractors should be able to find "more performance and runtime than corded, gas-powered or higher voltage battery systems can deliver." Additionally a single battery ecosystem should also help reduce the complexity for tool cribs - something many contractors are searching for.The SM 60-22 Miter sawThe SM 60-22 Miter sawHilti Inc.

Mike McGowan, region head and CEO of Hilti North America sees that the company's focus has been on bringing highly innovative solutions to the construction industry. "These solutions are designed to increase productivity and improve worker safety," he says "Our newest solutions are just another step in helping make construction better."

New Tools

The SC 6WP-22 Plunge saw (spring 2024, pictured above) is designed for more precise cutting in wood, fiber board, drywall and solid surfaces, including straight and bevel cuts, and intricate cut-outs. The 6 1/2-in. saw has been engineered for cutting speed and dust collection efficiency for a safer and more productive plunge cutting option. The SC 6WP-22 will run along Hilti’s 55-in. track and is compatible with other tracks on the market.

The SM 60-22 Miter saw (fall 2024) is a compound 12-in. miter saw designed for precision cutting in wood, PVC, and aluminum. The SM 60-22 can be purchased with Hilti’s new miter saw table and also is compatible with standard miter saw tables. It has easily accessible controls across the entire saw, and a dark shadow cut line to help make sure cuts can be done quickly and accurately. It features all-in-one front handle controls and a small footprint without the need for extra back space.

EXO-T-22 Tool balancerEXO-T-22 Tool balancerHilti Inc.

EXO-T-22 Tool balancer is a wearable, backpack-like device that helps workers perform wall breaking with less physical exertion. Ergonomically designed and built for heavy demolition work, the Nuronpowered EXO-T-22 helps take the weight of a tool up to 37 lbs. and suspends it in a zero gravity like state, distributing the weight of the tool to the hips and ground—reducing strain on the upper body.

DGH 130-22 Concrete finishing grinderDGH 130-22 Concrete finishing grinderHilti Inc.

DGH 130-22 Concrete finishing grinder (coming soon) is optimized to use less effort for concrete surface finishing and grinding. Featuring a variable speed brushless 5-in. grinder, the DGH 130-22 is designed to make concrete wall finishing and chamfering faster and more productive—removing up to two times more material per charge. The integrated dust shroud and unique palm style operation contribute to more accurate and effortless movement while grinding. For additional safety, the tool has a sensor that automatically turns off the tool in case of an accidental drop. 

SIW 10-22 3/4-in. High torque impact wrench delivers more run time using Nuron batteries, whether bolting steel, connecting large flanges or installing large diameter anchors into hard concrete. The SIW 10-22 3/4-in. impact wrench enables more productivity with a high-efficiency brushless motor and impact mechanism that delivers 85% more torque than its predecessor, while being more compact. TE 50-22 Combi hammerTE 50-22 Combi hammerHilti Inc.

TE 50-22 Combi hammer with Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) and Active Torque Control (ATC) provides users with longer runtimes, greater safety and comfort, and broader versatility on the jobsite. When paired with Hilti’s TE-YX drill bits, users can expect up to 30% faster drilling speeds. The TE 50- 22 features best-in-class performance, while weighing in at just over 12 lbs. 

SF 10W-22 Drill driver brings the power of a corded drill to Hilti’s compact and power class drill category. Built with four gears, the SF 10W-22 can handle demanding jobs like drilling deep or large-diameter holes in wood and metal. In addition to delivering optimized performance, the SF 10W-22 offers increased run time and enhanced user safety with ATC.