Or-Yehuda 6037606

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3 Ariel Sharon St.
Or-Yehuda 6037606
Phone:972 777 515 600
Fax:972 772 016 900

Elsight is a provider of cutting-edge technology enabling secure, real-time, adaptive data transmission over multiple IP links. The company’s ground-breaking hybrid data connectivity solutions allow for on-the-move and high-bandwidth communication, anytime and anywhere.

From secure connectivity for emergency medical services (EMS) and first responders to real-time data transfer for autonomous vehicles, fleet management, drones and more, Elsight’s range of end-to-end data transmission applications present an unmatched level of reliability, lowest latency, and highest adaptive bandwidth over cellular networks. Our technology is encoded to create supremely secure bi-directional flow in near real-time and while on the move – enabling reliable, deployable and near-unhackable milspec solutions for defense and civil usage. Technological value you can count on, so you can focus on your goal, your mission, or enjoying your daily life.

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