LBX and Trimble Announce Precision Grade Upgrade Kits

LBX and Trimble Link-Belt Precision Grade —powered by Trimble Earthworks—upgrade kits for Link-Belt 160 X4, 245 X4 Spin Ace and 350 X4 hydraulic excavators.

Lbx Trimble 1
Lbx Link Belt Excavators

LBX and Trimble are pleased to announce Link-Belt Precision Grade — powered by Trimble Earthworks — upgrade kits for Link-Belt 160 X4, 245 X4 Spin Ace and 350 X4 hydraulic excavators. These kits provide all necessary components, hardware and software required to upgrade a standard machine to 2D/MG (Machine Guidance) or 2D/MC (Machine Control), or upgrade a machine with 2D/MG already installed to a 2D/MC capable machine.

The Link-Belt Precision Grade 2D/MG system uses technology from Trimble to provide the operator with visual and audible indication when they are above, below or at their desired target grade. The Link-Belt Precision Grade 2D/MC system provides these capabilities, and adds autonomous control of the boom and bucket while the operator controls the speed of the stick to maintain a consistently smooth flat or sloping surface.

Link-Belt Precision Grade offers the customer up to 50% improvement in production, reduced backfill expenses, and increased efficiency that translates into reduced cost of ownership and operation.

“Designed specifically for each model, these upgrade kits provide customers with a great deal of flexibility and choice when selecting grade control solutions,” said Adam Woods, Product Manager for LBX. “By using this technology, users can achieve increased productivity, efficiency and material cost savings.”

“These new kits are designed to help users do more in less time,” added Jeff Drake, business area director, Trimble OEM Solutions Group. “Reengineered from the ground up, our innovative, next generation grade control platform features intuitive, easy-to-learn software that runs on an Android operating system. It gives operators of all skill levels the ability to work faster and more productively than ever before.”

Kit component warranty is valid for 12 months after successful registration. All parts have a 1-year/1800 hour warranty.