MSS400 Series Sensors

The MSS400 Series Sensors incorporate SP Technology that allows faster digging without loss of precision at higher speeds for even more productivity from your excavator machine control solution.

Leica Mss404 Sl Stick Sensor With Laser Catcher
Leica Geo 10814608

The MSS400 Series Sensors with SP Technology allow the excavator operator to maintain advanced grading accuracy at higher speeds on challenging jobsites.

  • Offer accurate reading over a 360° range of motion, allowing use of the iCON excavate solution without experiencing dead spots
  • Incorporate inertial measurement technology combined with gyroscopes and accelerometers to improve digging accuracy
  • SP Technology delivers more precise angle calculation 
  • Movement of machine shown in real-time on the display
  • Enhances performance, reduces rework and increases uptime during poor GNSS coverage or temporary loss of correction signals from the base station
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