[VIDEO] Weir Bros. Halves Construction Time with Topcon’s 3D-MC MAX

How a father-son team maximizes productivity on a new Walmart store project with the 3D-MC MAX dozer solution.

The challenge of building a new Walmart store in Mesquite, TX, was made that much easier by using Topcon’s 3D-MC MAX dozer system. Learn how a father-son team maximizes productivity with the easy to learn, fast and accurate 3D-MC MAX dozer solution. Even a veteran operator can benefit by having a no stakes, no mast, and no grade checkers to impede his ability to turn on the machine and go.

[VIDEO] Topcon 3D-MC MAX Integrated “Mastless” Dozer System

[VIDEO] How Topcon's 3D-MC MAX Improves Dozer Speed, Control and Performance