HCSS Launches Field Entry Mobile Apps

New mobile applications from HCSS allows contractors to collect field data using smartphones and tablets and integrate the data with HCSS's back-end databases

HCSS's new mobile applications work with iPhones, iPads and Android-based phones and tablets.
HCSS's new mobile applications work with iPhones, iPads and Android-based phones and tablets.
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Construction software developer Heavy Construction Systems Specialists, Inc. (HCSS) has introduced a suite of new mobile applications for collecting and reviewing data on construction field operations. These apps can be run anywhere using iPhones, iPads and Android-based phones and tablets. With just a few swipes on a mobile device, contractors can record an entire time card including diaries, photographs and cost-coded employee and equipment hours, as well as production quantities.

These mobile applications were developed specifically for construction and integrate with HCSS's back-end databases, which allow them to seamlessly integrate with more than 40 accounting systems.

Field personnel can have information at their fingertips to compare actual job costs against the budget on a daily basis from anywhere at any time. They can record daily diary entries and check employee skills instantly with their smartphone or tablet. Photographs get transmitted into appropriate job folders by simply taking the photograph and clicking "send," although notes can also be attached to each photo.

"These apps were designed to be able to work off-line for the still frequent places where it is required, and are generally much faster than web-based products, which constantly communicate with the Internet," said HCSS President Mike Rydin. "It is also possible to just use the wireless mode and avoid expensive cell service charges."

"Contractors don’t have to pick a single technology," Rydin said. "They can use HCSS field licenses on various combinations of desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, and switch it up at any time to coincide with their changing needs."