Topcon Offers Layout Navigator with HP SitePrint

The LN-150 is a one-button setup layout solution combined with HP SitePrint.

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Topcon Positioning Systems has announced its U.S.-based Topcon Solutions Store (TSS) network now offers the Topcon Layout Navigator (LN). The LN-150 is a one-button setup layout solution combined with HP SitePrint. This combination supports building construction automation for general contractors, concrete contractors, carpenters, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) contractors and steel erectors, among other trades.

Designed to automate the site layout process, HP SitePrint is an autonomous robotic unit that prints digital site layout plans directly onto the floor of a building project.

“We are excited that HP and Topcon have collaborated to integrate HP SitePrint with the Topcon LN. For anyone looking to make the transition from paper to digital, the LN-150 is a user-friendly layout solution with a short learning curve and embodies our commitment to democratizing technology for more users. SitePrint allows contractors to take their digital plans and quite literally place them right on the building site with greater accuracy than ever before,” said Ray Kerwin, director of global product planning, Topcon.

“The durable, job site-ready design with features such as real-time obstacle detection and the ability to work seamlessly with a variety of industry-standard digital construction workflows — Autodesk Revit, Civil3D and others — makes HP SitePrint one of the most interesting and innovative products for building contractors. While it is currently available through TSS and other select U.S. dealers, we anticipate expanding the distribution globally.”

“According to recent HP data, construction employees said almost a fifth of their projects have major layout errors leading to significant reworks, with delays of over 15 days, on average. The cost of these reworks amounts to a significant proportion of a project’s profit margin,” said Xavi Juarez, director, HP Construction Services. “There is clear demand in the industry for new productivity-boosting technology, with 66% of the workers we surveyed wanting layout tasks automated. HP’s collaboration with Topcon will help deliver our autonomous SitePrint solution throughout the U.S., allowing firms to achieve up to ten times the productivity of manual layout techniques, reducing the occurrence of costly reworks.” 

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The LN-150 has a one-button, self-leveling setup, Wi-Fi and long-range Bluetooth communication options and works with various cloud-based workflows. This solution enables 3D layout capabilities for cotnractors.

“HP SitePrint, paired with the unique simplicity and ease-of-use of the LN-150, makes this an ideal combination for MEP contractors and other professionals working in the building construction trades,” said Mark Contino, vice president of North American retail distribution, Topcon. “We are excited to work with HP to help bring it to the U.S. market. This is the type of forward-thinking integration — the pairing of the Layout Navigator with the new SitePrint tool — that we welcome in our pursuit of providing state-of-the-art, advanced solutions to our customers. The combination allows a contractor to progress from paper plans and measuring tape to a completely digital workflow in no time at all.”

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