Leica Aibot Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System

System combines new UAV technology with DJI aerial platform to complete flight missions in less time

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The Leica Aibot Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system is based on DJI’s aerial platform, the M600 Pro, and can be used to rapidly and autonomously acquire mobile 3D mapping data.

  • Allows users to process and analyze millions of data points gathered from above and visualize the data to provide actionable information
  • Data can be combined with existing survey technologies such as TPS, GPS and laser scanning to provide a more complete set of information
  • High-definition imagery and 3D mapping allow for the viewing of site mapping or progress documentation
  • Supports sharing of data to Cylcone and Cloudworx
  • Integration of the UAV point cloud with terrestrial scan data enables users to make informed decisions
  • Leica Geosystems software suite supports the new UAV workflows

[VIDEO] Tech Highlight Demo: Leica Aibot

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