[VIDEO] Husqvarna Digital Services Make Tools and Contractors Smarter

Husqvarna digital services include Fleet Services tool monitoring, the tool selector app and a new pilot program called UpCare X.

Jeff Hilgers, director of digital services for Husqvarna, gives an overview of some of the company's newest digital services and how they benefit construction contractors.

First, Fleet Services is a data monitoring device that measures run time, service intervals, location and inventory management of tools. This sensor can be placed on any new or old Husqvarna tools as well as competitor tools, Hilgers says. New Husqvarna equipment, such as the PG 830 RC and DM 400, now have embedded sensors that gather data and send the information via Bluetooth.

The tool selector app is designed to help contractors make sure they are choosing the right tool for the job. With the app, contractors can input the desired result, the size of the job (for example floor size) and the app then leads the contractor through the steps to create the result including chemicals and segments. The app also tells contractors how much the materials costs, Hilgers says. The app starting with floor grinding machines but will be rolled out for additional Husqvarna equipment.

UpCare X is a pilot program from Husqvarna that lets contractors lease a tool or piece of equipment rather than having to tie up capital in the purchase of that machine. "The idea is to keep you from binding up capital in machines if you don't want to do that and to keep you at maximum uptime on your machines," Hilgers says.

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