Maintainer Redesigned Lube Skid

System includes three oil and one waste oil 55-gal. composite tanks

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Maintainer has redesigned its lube skid line, now offering eight standard models to match the most requested configurations. All skids include oil filtration systems and metered dispensers on oils/antifreeze.

  • Come with 55- or 100-gal. EVAC tank and optional grease kits
  • Oil systems feature 5:1 air pumps, metered nozzles, in-line heavy-duty filters and 1/2" x 50’ spring rewind hose reels
  • Waste oil tank includes a 1-in. waste oil hose with filter screen, 30-ft. spring rewind reel and 1-in. air diaphragm waste oil pump
  • Dispenser holders serve as drip containment, with one central drain
  • Maintainer Jj133 Lube Skid Loading Pic 2Single quick-connect air coupler on the rear of the unit
  • Visual indicators in filter heads show when the element needs replacing
  • Skids constructed from 7-ga. sheet metal and structural tube which also supports the reel shelf and tank containment
  • Four heavy-duty tie-down/lifting rings and integrated forklift pockets enable easy loading/unloading via crane or forklift to a mechanics truck or trailer

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