Roadbuilding Attachments January 2009

Construction Equipment - Roadbuilding Attachments

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1300 Dozer Blade


The 1300 six-way dozer blade is ideally suited to spread loose fill material, level sand and gravel, backfill around foundations, backfill trenches, create run off trenches, remove rocks, build septic tank mounds and back drag.

  • Designed for skid steers that weight 1,500 lbs. or more
  • Available in 6-, 7- and 8-ft. widths


Grouser Products, Inc.

190M Cut-R-Tach


The 190M Cut-R-Tach rotary asphalt cutting attachment installs quickly on most standard motor grader moldboards and dozer blades.

  • Quick field installation
  • 19-in.-diameter cutting blade
  • 5 1/2-in. maximum asphalt cutting depth
  • Designed for a wide range of asphalt cutting projects


General Equipment

210-3 EQ MT Drill


The 210-3 EQ MT pneumatic drill attaches to most backhoes and excavators.

  • Can drill a 5/8- or 2 2/1-in. diameter hole up to 18 in. deep
  • Standard side shift drills a second set of holes without repositioning the carrier
  • Safety swivel lock
  • Totally pneumatic operation


E-Z Drill, Inc.

AZ-550 Reclamation Attachment


The AZ-550 full-depth reclamation attachment features a 203-hp Cummins Tier III turbo diesel engine generating 695 ft.-lbs. of torque.

  • Oil-cooled planetary gearbox for improved production on heavier projects
  • Up to 12-in.-thick cutting depths


Asphalt Zipper

Ground Hog 2500 Scraper


The Ground Hog 2500 scraper attachment mounts to the universal quick attach of 70-hp and larger compact track loaders, or skid steers with steel tracks.

  • Suitable for finish grading, backfilling curbs and retaining walls, spreading topsoil, fine grading building pads and more
  • 2.5-cu.-yd. heaped capacity
  • Front oscillating beam allows 38° of rotation for uniform cuts even on uneven ground
  • Oscillating front beam and large caster shoulder the larger portion of the weight, minimizing stress on loader arms


Ashland Industries Inc.

Pull-type Vibrating Compactor


This 18-ton pull-type vibrating compactor is available in padfoot or smooth drum models.

  • Vibration frequency varies with the amount of oil sent from the tractor
  • 58.4 tons of compacting force (vibrating force plus machine weight)
  • Amplitude of .071 in.
  • Padfoot drum measures 79 in. wide by 72 in. high
  • 2- to 5-mph working speed


Miskin Scraper Works, Inc.

RoadHog Milling Attachments


The RoadHog self-contained milling attachments are powered by John Deere PowerTech turbocharged, four-cylinder Tier III-compliant diesel engines.

  • Suited for milling asphalt or concrete, cutting utility trenches and recycling or stabilization of base and soil
  • 75-hp model intended for backhoes over 13,000 lbs. and comes in 30- or 40-in. cutting widths with a 8-in. cutting depth
  • 140- and 200-hp unites for wheel loaders have a cutting depth of 12 in. with cutting widths of 40, 48 and 60 in.
  • Wireless remote controller activates engine functions, plus hydraulic depth and sideshift control of the drum
  • Cutting drum can sideshift hydraulically for cutting shoulders or against curbs


Zanetis Power Attachments

Rotary Wheel Asphalt Cutter


The Severe Service rotary wheel asphalt cutter features T-1 steel, which doubles the strength over the standard cutter.

  • Heavy-duty, high-speed bearing system suited for long, continuous cuts
  • Chromium cutting wheel offers 300% increased life


Attachments International

SitePro SSGB-8 Grader Blade


The SitePro SSGB-8 grader blade is designed for asphalt, landscaping and concrete flatwork contractors.

  • 8 six-way hydraulically controlled moldboard with 25° rotation/tilt
    In-cab remote
    Shear pin protection
    Reversible cutting edge
    Optional laser system controls


Worksaver Inc.

Skid steer compaction wheels


These compaction wheels turn your skid steer into a self-propelled compactor.

  • Rim diameters of 26 to 52 in.
  • Widths of 4 to 72 in.
  • Can be attached to Bobcat blanks or other quick-coupler designs for quicker exchanges between attachments
  • Sealed roller bearings for increased life and trouble-free maintenance


Action Equipment Systems Inc.

Universal AP Backhoe Planers


The AP backhoe planers have a patented open drum to avoid remilling.

  • Direct-drive high-torque motor
  • Four-wheel front down and center pivot minimizes bouncing, noise and dust
  • Manual depth control
  • 12-, 16-, 18- and 24-in. widths