Telescopic Arm

Gensco's Telescopic Arm has been developed for working on underground and/or underwater down to 131 ft. of depth.

Gensco Telescopic Arm 1
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The slim construction of the Gensco Telearm Gensco Telescopic Arm 2is ideally suited for foundation works, narrow excavation shafts, metro stations, underground parking, underground renovations and canal clearance.

  • Suitable for any excavator from any brand, from 6 tons up to 80 tons
  • Work up to 131 ft. of depth (16 stories below ground)
  • Underground work includes: digging, block handling, slurry wall and underground parking
  • Underwater work in salt or fresh water includes: gravel handling, boulders and concrete block handling, removing and/or cutting trees
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