Brokk Planer Attachments

Four planer models enable Brokk remote-controlled demolition machines to effectively and safely grind concrete surfaces

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Brokk offers four planer models for use with its Brokk 100, 160, 260, 400 and diesel-powered 330D remote-controlled demolition machines. BCP models are suited for removing concrete from ceilings and walls, and the PLB attachments handle grinding large surface areas, such as concrete walls at dry docks.

  • BCP 250 and BCP 350 utilize skis set against the surface and the grinder runs along a track to remove a 1/4- to 2-in. layer of concrete
  • PLB 200 and PLB 300 models do not run on tracks, enabling operators to freely grind in wide, sweeping motions to cover large swaths
  • Grind at rates up to 80 sq. ft. per hour at up to 20 ft. above the ground
  • Operators can ratchet down the two-drum grinder in 1/16-in. increments to create a uniform, binding surface
  • Steel shrouds encase the two-drum grinders to catch flying concrete shrapnel and reduce dust particles
  • Worn carbide teeth can be quickly replaced with the included wedge and hammer
  • Optional vacuum removes concrete debris from the shroud to eliminate the risk of water contamination
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