CC 4700 Demolition Cutter

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Atlas Copco says its range of hydraulic demolition cutters is complete with the new Model CC 4700 for 50- to 72-ton carriers. The company says its system of two articulated arms and two lifting cylinders offers constant high crushing force throughout the closing process. And combining one single- and one twin-blade arm offers stability even under extreme loads. Universal arms (U version) and Steel cutting arms (S version) are available for the 5-ton CC 4700. Mounting both arms on a central main pin reduces time required to change crusher arms by up to 75%, compared to separate mountings. Both crusher arms can be fitted and removed as a unit, because CAPS, the Coupling and Positioning System, links them together even after removal. Crusher arms can be changed on site.

  • Cutting force: 220 tons
  • Crushing force: 170 tons
  • Hydraulic flow: 90 - 120 gpm
  • Hydraulic pressure: 5,000 psi
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