Metal Shears Attachment Series

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These shears deliver maximum cutting force to quickly slice through just about anything from beams to cables and pipes to conduit, and they also quickly break down metal scrap for recycling. Users also can use them for more than just cutting steel; they crush concrete, as well. 

  • Dual-purpose tool saves operators time because they don’t have to change attachments when breaking concrete or cutting steel
  • Eliminate hazardous smoke associated with cutting steel with torches, which makes it safer for operators and bystanders in enclosed spaces
  • Eliminates sparks that could otherwise cause nearby materials or clothing to catch fire
  • Attachment operates from the Brokk machine’s three-piece boom, so it can perform work overhead with ease and eliminate the risk of injuries from loose debris or falls that can occur when performing work on ladders
  • Made with Hardox® 500 steel that is three times harder than normal steel so they withstand abuse from sharp and abrasive materials. The cutting blades are reversible, so when one side is worn you can flip it over and use it again
  • Seven models are compatible with nearly every Brokk machine: The Brokk 100 can be equipped with the SH 020 shear attachment that opens 8 in. at the tip and delivers 72 tons of cutting force to slice through schedule 40 pipes up to 3 in. in diameter, 1-in. solid round steel and 4-in. I-beams. The SH 030 shear attachment opens 9 in. at the tip and can be paired with the Brokk 160 to deliver an impressive 122 tons of cutting force. It can to sever schedule 40 pipes up to 4 in. in diameter, 1-5/8-in. solid round steel and 5-in. I-beams
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