Kinshofer Multi-Quick Processors

Available in four different types with six to eight jaw sets and suited for carriers from 39,600 to 143,000 lbs.

Kinshofer Mqp
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The Multi-Quick Processor (MQP) is available in four different types with six to eight jaw sets for cutting concrete structures with rebar, crushing concrete and cutting steel structures and tanks.

  • Suited for carriers from 18 to 65 tons
  • DemaPower cylinder technology uses four chambers instead of two, resulting in 20% more surface area within the cylinder and up to 25% more power from a smaller attachment
  • Double-acting speed valve ensures fast cycle times
  • Twin rotation motors boost rotation power and reduce the risk of the attachment shifting or rotating on its own
  • Jaws can be hydraulically changed quickly and easily via the DemaLink-System
  • Jaw offerings include the Combi jaw, Demolition jaw, Pulverizer jaw, Steel jaw, Tank Shear jaw and Universal jaw; jaws for forestry applications also available 
  • Steel and Combi jaws feature the DemaGuide system, which uses a guide plate to provide additional stability at the pivot point
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