Cat TiltRotate System (TRS)

Caterpiller has added a TRS to expand the versatility of the mini excavator.

Cat Rotator1
Caterpill 10210679

The TiltRotate System (TRS) includes the TRS6 and TRS8  for Cat Next Gen mini excavators from the 306 CR to 310 models.

  • Allow attached work tools (including buckets, forks, grapples, brooms, and compactors) to rotate 360° and tilt 40° side to side
  • Top interface connects the TRS to the carrier machine and a bottom interface connects various work tools to the TRS.
  • Four configurations for the TRS6 allow a choice between an S-Type hydraulic-coupler or pin-on top interface, with an S-Type hydraulic coupler for the bottom interface on all models
  • Four configurations for the TRS8 allow selecting an S-Type coupler for both the top and bottom interfaces or a pin-on top interface and pin-grabber coupler bottom interface
  • Available with integral grapple
  • Compact design maintains high digging forces and a reinforced gearbox with a specially designed bearing ring distributes working forces to reduce stress on the TRS and the host machine
  • High-torque rotation system quickly positions work tools
  • Integral self-locking mechanism enables digging at any angle required
  • Double-acting tilt cylinder with integrated load-hold valves to sustain holding pressures and prevent cylinder movement under load
  • Integrated, dealer-installed field control kit includes specially designed joysticks, suits all boom and stick combinations and provides intuitive control of the TRS and integral grapple
  • TRS monitor informs operator of attachment position and an engagement/disengagement sensor assures that work tools are secured
  • Bucket-shake feature for TRS8 models activated by a joystick button
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