Bradco Jawz Grabbing Tools

T1 steel fingers, or pinchers, work like a grapple so loaders can grasp trees and shrubs and pull them out by the roots, or handle boulders or other materials

Bradco Jawz Skid Steer Shrub R 11221514
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Paladin Attachments partnered with Star Hill Solutions Inc. in introducing the new Bradco Jawz Grabbing Tools to provide a quick, easy, and eco-friendly way to remove invasive trees and shrubs, complete with roots, reducing the need for herbicides, burning, or cutting tools.

  • Patented set of T1 steel fingers (pinchers) powered by dual cylinders grab tree/shrub trunk with just the right amount of force to take advantage of the lifting power and leverage from a skid steer or compact tractor
  • For more compact jobs the new Bradco Mini-Jawz mounts on a compact tool carrier
  • Capable of handling specialized materials like boulders, logs, metal or wood posts, metal objects, and any other challenging materials that will fit between the fingers


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