Stanley Cyclone Drop Hammers

With it’s adjustable hammer pin, users can regulate the impact energy to the desired level of operation for the work being done


Developed specifically for the demolition and recycling industries to break-up or crack concrete slabs, the Cyclone series consists of the DH1500, DH3500 and DH9000.

  • Patented “skid” system keeps the Cyclone grounded and dissipates the shock as it pulverizes the concrete
  • Moveable hammer pin for adjusting impact energy
  • Heavy-duty buffer system absorbs impact of a “mis-hit”
  • Delivers impact energy between 1,500 to 9,000 ft. lb. depending on model
  • 32 bpm (DH1500 and DH3500); 23 bpm (DH9000)

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