LaValley DECKHAND Pipe Handlers

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The DECKHAND's head unit is powered by an excavator's hydraulics and uses a variety of arm attachments to safely and efficiently load or unload all kinds of pipe, utility poles, road mats and other materials.

  • Modular design makes it easy to change out arms to accommodate different pole or pipe diameters, coatings and wall thicknesses
  • Long-lasting, proprietary padding on the arms allows users to work with coated pipe as well as a variety of other materials
  • Head unit manufactured in several sizes for use with any brand of excavator in the 18- to 75-metric ton range
  • 360° rotation, tilt and shift functions deliver optimal load control and load placement
  • In-cab display allows the operator to safely monitor and adjust all functions, pressures and volumes
  • Proximity sensors inform the operator of correct positioning and load-hold prior to lifting
  • Load-locking valves ensure pipe is not dropped, regardless of hydraulic pressure
  • Optional stick-mounted camera
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