Yanmar Stowable Utility Hook

Provides a convenient, factory designed lifting point for Yanmar compact excavators without the need to use an attachment.

Yanmar Stowable Utility Hook1

The Stowable Utility Hook option provides a dedicated, engineered lifting point built into the machine linkage, providing a stronger position from which to lift heavy objects.

  • Reduces the risk of damage to machine, buckets or other attachments resulting from attempts to lift heavy objects with a strap or chain
  • Yanmar Stowable Utility Hook1Multi-directional design allows it to swing in each direction, as well as 360° swivel movement for optimal positioning of lift and load
  • Stows out of the way with an easy-to-operate lock pin when not in use
  • Single recessed zerk fitting for ease of maintenance
  • Can be retrofitted onto all Yanmar compact excavator models from the ViO25 up to the SV100 in as little as 20 minutes
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