HillTip IceStriker 1200-4200AM Combi Spreader

Hilltip introduces the IceStriker 1200-4200AM Combi Spreader, which is designed for half ton trucks and larger with the ability to spread granular salt, sand and gravel, but also can be transformed into a liquid deicing sprayer.

Ice Striker2000 Am
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HillTip introduced the IceStriker 1200-4200AM Combi Spreaders to the North American Market. The new electric-powered spreader not only offers the unique ability to spread granular salt, sand and gravel, but also can be transformed into a liquid deicing sprayer either pre-wetting material as it spreads or directly spraying brine to the driving surface for anti-icing applications. The new design is made for half ton trucks and larger. 

  • Powered by either 12- or 24-volt dual motors
  • Includes six models with capacities of 1.0, 1.4, 2.0, 2.8, 3.4 and 4.2 cubic yards
  • Modular hopper body constructed of polyethylene
  • Stainless steel mounted components
  • Heavy-duty, 6-inch-diameter stainless-steel auger featuring a variable-pitch design
  • Liquid tanks with a holding capacity of up to 220 gallons of liquid
  • Optional six-foot, seven-inch dual spraybar with a maximum 16-foot spraying width
  • 40-foot hose reel and hand-held spray nozzle
  • Optional bladder tank increases the unit’s overall brine capacity to 550 gallons
  • StrikeSmart controller — featuring a detailed color screen and virtually customizable spreading sessions
  • GPS speed-control function
  • Optional adjustable spreading symmetry function
  • Two-way GPRS communication channel
  • Sealed, weather-resistant motor enclosure, automatic vibrator, integrated tie-down loops, top screen, pre-routed accessory wire
  • Inverted-V structure over the auger drive
  • LED work light, strobe lights, illuminated license plate kit, and rear and indicator lights
  • Leg stand for more convenient storage and installation
  • End material alarm sensor on the spinner
  • Tarp cover
  • Extended auger (+24-inches) for axle loading optimization
  • Available in orange instead of the standard gray color
  • Compatible with HillTip’s exclusive HTrack tracking software
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