Bobcat Infrared Asphalt Preservation System

Infrared heater and asphalt processor attachments allow skid steers to make seamless, in-place asphalt repairs


Bobcat's new Asphalt Preservation Tools (APT) is an infrared restoration system for repairing potholes and other surface defects such as cracks, deteriorating surfaces, and frost heaves that develop in asphalt pavements. In-place heating creates a seamless patch.

  • 3,760-lb. AH30 heater from Heatwurx includes three infrared heating elements to heat a 30-sq.-ft. to 300°
  • 995-lb. AP40 processor mills heated asphalt up to 45.5 in. wide with 1.5- to 6-in. cutting depths, then process, remix and level it prior to compaction
  • Bob-Tach attachment mounting system
  • Compatible with the Bobcat A300, A770, S300, S330, S750, S770, S850, T300, T320, T750, T770 and T870 loaders

Video: How Bobcat Infrared Asphalt Repairs Work