[VIDEO] Epiroc Demos Hydraulic Attachments Live at NDA Event

Epiroc showcased live demos of 7 of its hydraulic attachments at NDA DEMOlition event in March

Epiroc hydraulic attachments in action at the National Demolition Association Live DEMOlition Event at Demolition Rockies, March 2019, in Denver.

Back by popular demand, the second annual hands-on demonstration event offered attendees the opportunity to test and operate a variety of demolition equipment. Epiroc hydraulic attachments featured in the demo included:

  • BP 2050 Bulk Pulverizer
  • CC 3100 U Concrete Cutter
  • HB 2000 Hydraulic Breaker
  • MG 1500 Multi Grapple
  • SB 202 Hydraulic Breaker
  • SB 702 Hydraulic Breaker
  • SC 6200 Hydraulic Shear