Zoomlion: Reaping the World's Leading Tower Crane Technologies

Technology transfer agreement with JOST Cranes offers new opportunities in flat-top tower cranes, as well as access to the European and American markets.

CHANGSHA, China, June 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Zoomlion clinched a technology transfer agreement with JOST Cranes Gmbh Pte Ltd. in Frankfurt, Germany on June 21 to purchase a whole set of technologies concerning flat-top tower cranes from the latter, a world-renowned expert at high-grade tower cranes. As a result, Zoomlion Tower Crane will not merely possess the state-of-art design technology of tower cranes, but gain access to the high-end markets in Europe and America.

JOST is a world-leading company with the most sophisticated tower crane technology and the most experienced design team. Mr. JOST, the company's founder and leader, is a legendary figure in the global tower crane field, and also one of the most influential tower crane designers in Germany and even across the world. The company's design team has designed 45 types of products for quite a few renowned tower crane products throughout Europe and America. Its designs represent the top level and constitute a recognized standard in the global tower crane sector. Therefore, this business integration offers Zoomlion an opportunity to witness a great-leap-forward development in the technology of tower cranes, thus growing from a domestic leader to a global leader.

With its cutting-edge technologies and powerful manufacturing capacity, Zoomlion Tower Crane has secured a predominant presence at the domestic market. Now, Zoomlion, which achieves a monthly production capacity of over 1,000 units, has grown into one of the enterprises with the largest selection of products in the global tower crane industry. On August 29, 2010, Zoomlion developed the world's largest horizontal jib top slewing self-raising tower crane -- the D5200 -- for China Zhongtie Major Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd., which signaled its formal entry into the world's tower crane community and reaped much reputation within the global tower crane market.

"We've tried to integrate JOST's business because we're attracted by its world-leading technologies and its positive image in the world market. This attempt will create a significant advantage for Zoomlion's endeavor to explore the overseas market and meet the market demands." According to Huang Qun, the head of Zoomlion's Construction Crane Division, what JOST's design team can offer is not just technical materials, but a whole set of technical training programs. Actually, they'll spare no pains to support the localization of tower crane technologies in Zoomlion Tower Crane. Guided by the most advanced technologies and design philosophy, Zoomlion Tower Crane will handle an international perspective more accurately and interpret an international standard more comfortably so as to gain rapid access to the world's high-end market.

Some veteran media professionals are quoted as saying that this technological partnership with the world's leading tower crane design team demonstrates Zoomlion Tower Crane's great ambition to challenge those global tower crane leaders when its domestic leadership has been well secured. Zoomlion Tower Crane, as one of the top ten companies in the global engineering machinery industry, is still working hard to integrate the global resources from its steady international perspective, and to promote its global strategy at a high rate.

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