Liebherr Crane Planner 2.0 Provides Lift Planning to Smaller Crawler Cranes

Integrated planning software helps save time and money and ensure that safety standards are taking into account for challenging heavy lifts

Cross section technical drawing – surficial display
Cross section technical drawing – surficial display

Jobsite installations can be very challenging for planners and engineers due to the lack of space, difficult soil conditions or limited crane capacity. In such situations, Liebherr's latest planning software, Crane Planner 2.0, is an ideal tool for selecting the optimal equipment for the particular application. Available for the crawler crane range LR 1100 to LR 1300, the software is designed to save time and money, and ensure that safety standards for challenging heavy lifts are taken into account.

Crane Planner 2.0 combines highly detailed, interactive 3D models with relevant planning data, based on the machine’s load moment limitation (LML). Any change in the crane’s geometry instantly triggers a new calculation of the entire situation. The software displays a warning should it recognize potential collisions between the crane, load and the surrounding area or non-compliance with safety distances. In addition, typical measurements such as lifting height or radius can be activated and user-specific measurements (in both metric and imperial units) can be defined accordingly.

This application is suited for all planners and engineers who require accurate 3D models of the utilized crane configuration. It provides the ability to supply infinite configurations of cranes in a multitude of positions. The “Quick-Config” enables a planner to quickly reconfigure various dimensions of the crane during the planning process (e.g. length of the main boom from 194 to 223 ft.) and have the system recalculate the entire lift.

The Rigging Editor enables the generic definition of lifting accessories. The planner can choose from six different templates and has the possibility to set customer-specific heights, lengths, widths and weights of the lifting devices involved. The set criteria enables the system to calculate the resulting angles and lengths, taking into account the original dimensions for the evaluation of potential collisions.

Any planning data such as the load capacity (including individual load charts for all angular adjustments), ground pressure distribution and specific measurements  can be exported into a lift plan for each specific work step. Technical drawings from all angles, including the activated configuration, can be exported into PDF format. Configuration functions, as well as various import and export options are designed for the tasks of the planners and engineers.

The new-generation Crane Planner 2.0 is notably faster and considerably more user-friendly than the previous version.

LIPOS Add-on Kit for Drilling

Exact positioning and precise execution of drilling processes are crucial for the success of deep foundation machinery. Liebherr’s LIPOS positioning system allows for direct integration of Differential Global Navigation Satellite Systems (DGNSS), machine control solutions from Trimble or Leica, into the process data recording (PDE) and reporting systems (PDR).

[Video] Liebherr LIPOS Positioning System for Deep Foundation Machines

The LIPOS add-on kit includes a fixture for the easy and quick installation of two GNSS antennas mounted on the pivot point of the leader inclination cylinders. Since the positioning enables optimal signal quality and intensity, there is no need to change the machine structure.

DGNSS data is integrated using a software enhancement of the process data recording system (PDE). LiDAT data transmission enables automated transfer of PDE data via GSM and GPRS to the reporting software PDR for visualization and analysis purposes. Reports generated in the PDR system are used for traceability, documentation and quality assurance of drilling processes. Beyond that, LIPOS is seamlessly integrated into existing Liebherr IT solutions and compatible with a wide range of Liebherr deep foundation machines.

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