Anglemyer Crane Rental Completes a Tandem Crane Lift of 60,000 Pounds

Anglemyer Crane Rental deployed a Link-Belt HTC-86110 hydraulic truck crane and a Link-Belt ATC-3275 all-terrain crane to complete a refurbished water bridge, using a tandem lift procedure.

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It is no secret that tandem lifts can be beneficial, increasing the rated capacity of a lift by 75 percent. The process includes more than two cranes, hoists or pieces of lifting equipment to complete a successful tandem lift.

This innovative procedure is used throughout the crane industry in various projects. Recently, Anglemyer Crane Rental utilized two Link-Belt cranes to successfully implement a tandem lift on a refurbished water bridge.

In a press-release, Link-Belt reported that an HTC-96110 hydraulic truck crane and an ATC-3275 all-terrain crane were used to complete a 155 foot long, 60,000 pound refurbished water bridge.

The bridge is used to circulate water in a sediment pond for the industrial production of sand. In order to complete this heavy lift, Anglemyer Crane Rental had to simultaneously operate two heavy-duty cranes — a difficult task.Anglemyer 86110 002Link-Belt Cranes

“It was a little bit of a unique setup,” said crane operator, Mike Norris, who ran the HTC-86110. “A temporary ramp was built for us to get the HTC-86110 down into the pond. Then we were set up along with the ATC-3275 so we could pick the bridge and set it into place.”

After the planning process and everything was in place, Anglemyer Crane Rentals completed the lift without any hitches.

The HTC-86110 had a counterweight of more than 48,000 pounds, while the ATC-3275 had to reach 15 feet further. In order to combat this problem, the machine was placed on higher ground — making the lift possible.

“On our end, we had close to 36,000 lbs. (16 329 kg) and lifted and placed on the center rotating joint,” said Norris. “Any time we do a two-crane pick, we have two crews we will put on the job.”

Information provided by Link-Belt Cranes and edited by Chantal Zimmermann.