Link-Belt Cranes Announces New TCC-550 Telescopic Crawler Crane

Link-Belt announces production of a new 55-ton telescopic crawler crane, the TCC-550 — following its predecessors, the TCC-500 and TCC-450.

TCC-550 features a full-power 36.5 to 115 feet, four-section boom.
TCC-550 features a full-power 36.5 to 115 feet, four-section boom.
Link-Belt Cranes
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The construction industry is ever-growing and demanding more innovation from the equipment and technology that propel the industry forward — a call to action that many companies are responding to.

Link-Belt Cranes is among the companies that continue to innovate and announce new product launches. Recently the company announced the production of a brand-new telescopic crawler crane, the TCC-550. The 55-ton crane is set to begin shipments in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The TCC-550 features a new boom, operator friendly updates and flexibility.

The TCC-550 Boom Features:

  • Full power
  • Four-section boom length: 36.5 to 115 feet
  • Two boom extend modes (EM1 & EM2)
  • Teflon-impregnated wear pads
  • Two-piece bi-fold lattice fly (max tip height: 165.5 feet)

Operator-Friendly Updates:

  • Durable texture and slip resistant paint on all walking surfaces
  • Vision package (winch-view camera, rear-view camera and right-swing camera)
  • Standard lighting package (high intensity LED 360-degree work lights)

Features for Flexibility:

  • Three different track widths (15 feet 2.37 inches, 13 feet 6.11 inches and 11 feet 5.24 inches)
  • Two travel speeds
  • Traveling height: 9 feet 10.55 inches
  • Traveling width: 11 feet 5.24 inches

Information provided by Link-Belt Cranes and edited by Chantal Zimmermann.

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