40 tm and 50 tm Articulating Cranes

19,000-lb. and 23,000-lb. cranes come standard with RCL 5300 rated capacity limiters

40 tm truck-mounted articulating crane
40 tm truck-mounted articulating crane

The IMT 40 tm and 50 tm truck-mounted articulating cranes have a standard rated capacity limiter (RCL 5300) to monitor the crane's load movement, operation and function, and interrupt the distribution of oil for crane functions in case of an overload.

  • 40/275 crane provides a 19,026-lb. max lifting capacity, while the 50/345 crane has a 22,840-lb. max lifting capacity
  • Up to eight hydraulic extensions for max horizontal reaches of 69 ft. 11 in. (40 tm) and 70 ft. 3 in. (50 tm)
  • Required mounting space reduced to 3 ft. 9 in. (40 tm) and 3 ft. 11 in. (50 tm)
  • Dual power plus link arm system provides precise and regular movements in the entire work area
  • Over-bending allows working area between main boom and outer boom to be no less than 195°
  • Minimized dimension and lower weights allow for additional truck configuration possibilities and increased payload
  • Radio remote control for stabilizer functions and feedback of loader operation conditions
  • Features include continuous rotation, internal hose routing and a flexible stow bracket design to secure the boom for transportation
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