AC 1000 All-terrain Crane

Terex Ac 1000 All Terrain Cran 10947425
Terex 10835350

Terex's 1,320-ton AC 1000 all-terrain crane can travel on public roads with the boom attached, sets up quickly and features a wide selection of extensions and attachments designed for transportation on standard trailer trucks.

  • Boom equipped with open nose sheave for easy adding of boom segments
  • Crane cab can be tilted 20 degrees
  • 9 axles
  • Integrated IC-1 touchscreen control system allows operator quick access to important info like wind speed, wind direction, hook load, rated lifting capacity and more
  • Variable-ratio steering system with active, speed-sensitive, electronically controlled rear axle power steering
  • Optional SSL system increases machine's lifting capacity
  • Main boom length: 164 ft. (328.1 ft. optional)
  • Main boom extension: 413.4 ft.
  • Overall lengths: 66.6 ft.
  • Turning radius over cabin: 54.1 ft.
  • Carrier engine: 653 hp
  • Max travel speed: 53 mph
  • Max gradeability: 38%
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